Archive | August 2011

Foundation and Slab Portion of Construction Nearly Done

As I write this update the slab is being poured…or not exactly. I should say it’s being laid. The workers mix the cement on the ground at the site and transport it via very large bowls carried on their heads. Foundation rocks are also moved this way or in wheelbarrows. There’s no heavy machinery…all excavation, footings, foundation and slab work are done with hand tools and muscle.

One of the things we were adamant about was that the work force should all be local. There are approximately 150 workers employed, divided into day and night shifts AND 50% of these laborers are women! They dig, lift and transport just like their male counterparts. There’s also a carpentry and welding workshop on-site where most of the woodwork and metal components and furniture will be made by local craftsmen.

So, with the foundation and slab portion of construction nearly done we are looking forward to seeing the brick walls go up at the end of the week!

Be sure to take a look at the slide show…as they say a picture’s worth a thousand words.