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One of the key features of the RCLLC is our outdoor stage and amphitheater with seating for 150 offering an additional space for educational programming. However, just as importantly, our vision is to enrich lives by bringing the community together to enjoy and participate in dance, music, drama, soccer matches, movie nights, and many future unanticipated cultural opportunities.

Ready for Reading is honored to be working with the Alexander M. Grant Foundation in bringing the gift of music to the Rwinkwavu community. Founded in memory of Alexander Maxwell Grant, a pianist, a cellist, a philanthropist who died tragically at the age of 19, the AMG Foundation’s mission is to assist artistically and musically gifted young people from troubled or disadvantaged backgrounds and in turn apply their talents and knowledge to improve and enlighten the lives of others.

While in Rwanda last October (2011) we found enthusiasm for the music program unanimous.  We met with an organization teaching orphans traditional dance and music. We also discovered there is a blossoming contemporary African music movement and the first music festival was held in Kigali, the Rwandan capital, this past summer.

Thanks to AMG’s generous support we have begun Phase 1, creating the space within the RCLLC to house the music program.  Phase 2 will cover provision of instruments, music materials, programming and staffing.  Ready for Reading will continue to research and connect with those in Rwanda and together with the Foundation to establish and grow the program.  In this way, Alexander’s legacy will live on and help bring about healing in a country that is in so much need of it.