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RfR Helps Increase Rural Schools Performance

 Posted on February 25, 2014 by Jean Marie Habimana

The Rwinkwavu Community Library/Learning Center  in Kayonza district is playing an influential role in helping surrounding secondary schools to improve National exams performance through different opportunities for learning and skills training it provides. Surrounding Primary and Secondary School are organizing study trips and bringing the students to the RCLLC to spend time reading and practicing hands-on ICT skills training.

This Tuesday 25th Feb 2014 the RCLLC received 30 students and two teachers from Groupe Scholaire Gishanda/ in Kayonza for a study visit at RCLLC.  A common obstacle for rural Primary and Secondary schools is gaining the skills to have success in National Exams to move on to secondary school.   The need for opportunities to access different resources and support what they are learning in school makes all the difference.

DSC_0212Students Orientation

The Missing Ingredient: 

Alexis, one of the Groupe Scholaire teachers explains how the can overcame this challenge:

I am a teacher by profession for many years and I even try my best in my every day work to help the students to have all required help to get a good success. But our school and neighbor schools don’t have enough resources to help student ‘s conduct practice for different topics we teach theoretically.  Our schools don’t have library books,  Science and ICT Laboratories. Such opportunity to visit the Library and having a tour of all its programmings, and the information that it gives us is needed to start exploring the amazing opportunities for our students and teachers. “

The students accompanied by the two of their teachers leading the trip had a tour of the whole library by  RfR Program Manager, who explained  the programming opportunities and services.

The reading habits for children to grow up as excellent readers is enhanced the through E-reader program that Ready for Reading implemented in partnership with Worldreader.

Firt Access2

Jean Marie, the ICT & E-reader Program Manager had 30 min technical session teaching how to navigate the e-reader to be able to explore over 100 different e-books and enjoy a chance to sit and read. 

Everyone in Rwinkwavu sector interested in ICT is being trained through our ICT curriculum allowing them to gain computer proficiency and access to information.  Since most Rwandan rural areas lack ICT infrastructure and computers, the RCLLC  invites community members of all ages to participate in our comprehensive ICT curriculum and hands-on training. With these skills and access to global information  Rwandans, especially the young generation, are interested in taking advantage of the educational and job opportunities computer literacy makes possible.


                 Jean Marie explaining different opportunities that RCLLC/ICT                                                                department offers to the community                                     

The RCLLC Open Library offers different opportunities for all ages and we have many  reading activities for youth.


       Protais, the Youth Program Manager explaining some of the content of a                                                            favorite children’s book 

Apart from ICT and reading services provided by Rwinkwavu Community Library, the library also offers entertainment for children. They participate in different games like basketball and mind games and puzzles that help them relax after their active days.

The students enjoyed some of the kids’ games

The students enjoyed some of the kids’ games

After the Rwinkwavu Community Library/Learning Center  tour the students had two hours  to visit and enjoy the library according to his/her interest in all the programming.  They immediately divided themselves into groups: One groups wanted to enjoy Open Computer Lab and another group wanted to deeply explore the library books.

20140511_143744    20140511_142507

Two hours of personal practice in the computer lab,  with the instruction of a teacher and RfR ICT Program Manager, enabled the students gain momentum in their acquisition of computer literacy.




Library Exhibition at at Hewitt Library

Tuesday February  17th 2014, Gahini Sector of Kayonza District

posted by Jean Marie Habimana

The Ready for Reading team attended a fabulous Community Library exhibition in celebration of “Literacy Week” The teachers, parents and librarians were encouraged to engage young students in reading and learning activities and take advantage of the opportunities and resources these community Libraries offer. The event, held at HEWITT Library, invited children from surrounding schools  to come and join the library in celebrating literacy week.

At the event, the RfR/Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning Center team presented different reading, learning and cultural education activities for youth and adults, all aiming to empower the community through Reading and Learning.

People were excited to know more about what we do beside Library

The Rwanda Library Services was represented by the Outreach & Extension Coordinator, Olivier Karambizi, who was also representing Ministry of Sport and Culture. He gave a short speech encouraging children, parents and teachers who were present to improve the culture of reading.

An awards ceremony was also  held for the 3 of the students who performed well in the reading competition at the HEWITT community library. They were given a short time to speak in public about what book they had read and what  lesson they learnt  which could be useful to them and encouraged to read more.