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Literacy Week and Graduates Certification

Posted on February 27, 2015  by Jean Marie Habimana

This past Thursday, 19th February 2015, Ready for Reading held its Second Certification for ICT and Music programs graduates during its Literacy Week Event at the Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning Center.

pIt was so exciting and fun day

It was an exciting and fun day

In this event 36 graduates completed six months of ICT training in computer literacy and 8 graduates from Music program have received their certificates.

All ICT graduates taking memorial picture

The ICT Program at Ready for Reading is aimed to create a venue for the Rwinkwavu community to get hands on practical ICT skills and to increase access to information technology education. Our comprehensive ICT training classes provide practical ICT skills comparable to the tools, theory, and knowledge offered at formal ICT institutions. Currently, the computer literacy course prepares learners for various employment opportunities that may require basic computer knowledge. As ICT is a major focus for national development and IDPRS II, the RCLLC aims to provide the means for the community to compete on a local, national, regional, and international level.

Performance (2)

All enjoyed our Music graduates performance 


Book and Reading Festival 2015

Posted February 15, 2015 by Jean Marie Habimana

“Literacy for Self-Reliance/ Dusome Duharanira kwigira” in Kinyarwanda.

This years Reading Week will range from 16-20 February 2015.  For Rwanda Library Services, the main purpose of the book and reading festival week is:

  • To promote and enhance literacy, reading and writing culture,  especially for youth and children
  • To raise awareness on the role of public libraries as information and cultural centers that play a big role to national development
  • To raise awareness on the role of books,  reading  and writing in sparking imagination, creativity and analytical thinking.

This book and reading festival week (third edition) will comprise of various reading and writing promotion programs as well as information about RfR literacy programs, which will be celebrated this week throughout the country with support from different partners.

Read Aloud

Furaha Enestine, RfR Library staff, reading for teenagers and guiding on how to explore a book

Check out the scheduled activity at Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning Center.

Monday, 16/02/2015         3-5 PM Story telling & Read aloud for kids
Tuesday,17/02/2015         8-4PM Participation in RLS Exhibition at Gahini
Wednesday,18/02/2015   3-5 PM Read aloud and Adults games competitions
Thursday,19/02/2015       2-5 PM Graduate showcase, Library tour, ICT and Music graduates Certification
Friday,20/02/2015       3:30 – 4:15 PM Read aloud & riddles.