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Week #3 of International Literacy Month‬ 2015

At Ready for Reading, ILD week/month brought an momentum moment to students teachers and other people from some of the schools that we are supporting.Open a book, Open the World

We visited Group Scholaire Rwinkwavu and Group Scholaire Gishanda,  two of  four schools that we are supporting in our different  programming at Rwinkwavu community Library and Learning Center.
We shared the power of reading with students and teachers at their schools and held reading and poetry competitions.

Please find more pictures for ILD at Schools

Week #2 of International Literacy Month ‬#ILD2015

At Ready for Reading, We find this week more enjoyable and productive to our community members. All ages of people are enjoying the power of reading at Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning center during this Literacy month.

Our Kinyarwanda Literacy Class in their reading time

Community members who are doing different classes(Adults Kinyarwanda Literacy classes, Adults English class, Preschool…) and other library visitors enjoyed different reading sessions as mentioned above.
More pictures from reading session are available on this link.
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Launching of International Literacy Month: ILD-2015

At Ready for Reading, we believe that Literacy is the foundation of lifelong learning. Every man, woman and child deserves to have this opportunity.
So much is happening at Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning Center during this whole literacy month(Sept 8-Oct 4, 2015 to promote literacy and we are so inspired by the launching day and the profound transformations that this month will bring as a result to the community.Opening speach RfREmmanuel Ndayambaje, RfR Program Manager giving ILD opening speech
As Betsy Dickey (The Founder and Executive Director of Ready for Reading)  used to say that Literacy is a human right; RfR will keep this right accessible to the community.
Enjoy to watch the pictures from the ILD/month launching event at Rwinkwavu Community Library and learning center.