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Ready for Reading provides innovative and educational programs at their Rwinkwavu Community Library Center to community members of all ages in the Rwinkwavu sector of Kayonza District. All programs are based on demands of community members as well as Kayonza District imihigo. The staff are Rwandan, and live in the community they serve. Ready for Reading offers a wide range of programs or all ages to empower the community through learning and life skills including teaching youth leadership skills, teaching adults to read and write for the first time, strong ICT Program of classes and a community computer lab, Harmony Preschool, Music Program and  Basketball Program.

Current Activities:

-Adult Kinyarwanda Literacy Class – Over 853 adults have received their functional adult literacy (FAL) certificates from RfR. 75 community members receive FAL certificates each year.

– English Language Class – 160 community members receive English language certificates each year.

–  ICT Class –  120 community members receive ICT skills certificates each year. 60 people a day use out Computer Lab, furthering their education with distance learning programs, research and apply for scholarships and jobs.

– Youth E-Reader & English Literacy/Language Class – 160 community members receive E-Reader & English Literacy/Language certificates each year.

– Schools-Enrichment Program – Work with Primary 4, 5, 6 students to strengthen English language and computer skills English language, math, science, and social studies .

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– Youth and Adult Music Programming – Youth music programming includes general music education, piano and guitar classes, traditional Ingoma drumming, and traditional and modern dance class. Adults are offered piano and guitar classes.

– Open Youth Library Programming  – This program offers youth books for all levels in Kinyarwanda and English and is supported by well-trained library staff. Staff organize read-alouds, and structured literacy activities, reading clubs, leadership clubs, and debate clubs.

– Open Adult Library Programming – This program offers adult books for all levels in Kinyarwanda and English and is supported by well-trained library staff. Staff organize adult groups such as mothers club, adult dance club, and current events discussions (based on reading current Rwandan and world news in newspapers and magazines). Games such as chess are also available as educational activities.

–  Shooting Touch/Ready for Reading partnership: mission is to introduce basketball to rural Rwanda and use it as a catalyst around youth development – mentorship program, coach training.