Our Programs: With our successes in our first year, in which we deliberately paced our growth and focused on quality, we’ve built a solid foundation to serve as a place one goes to get knowledge, as the pump down the valley is for water. Our staff bring to life the book sections for children and adults alike, challenge students’ brains with brain teasers and math and English puzzles, teach adults Kinyarwanda reading and writing for the first time, begin implementation of English language curriculum for 320 community members over the next year, engage 80 local children in e-reader operating lessons and English comprehension and reading classes, 120 community members receive comprehensive ICT training in our tri-leveled ICT classes, opened a free computer and internet lab for the Rwinkwavu community for the first time, create youth clubs focused on values such as leadership and innovation staffed by our youth development specialist on staff, continue relationships with community clubs like Abahara Nira Aamahoro (peace fighters) who are volunteering to provide cultural and peace promotion education and activities to the community, and provide high level basketball instruction and music programming the likes of which the community has never seen. Leave a comment

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