Every day,  at the RWINKWAVU COMMUNITY LIBRARY AND LEARNING CENTER, the Ready for Reading Team teaches children and adults in rural Rwanda to read and write, use a computer, and through storytelling, music, basketball and community events, instills the idea that literacy and reading are a powerful key to life-long learning, giving people the skills, self-worth and confidence to make sustainable change in their lives.

We ask you to be part of our mission to provide literacy and learning tools that will allow folks in Rwinkwavu and beyond to realize a more productive, healthy and fulfilling life.

In a part of the world where learning to read and write is not an expectation or even a possibility, Literacy Changes Everything.

Click Donate Now button, and the button will direct you to the Ready for Reading/Partners In Health donation page.

Partners In Health acts as the fiscal agent for Ready for Reading and will securely process your contribution.

To donate by mail please send your contributions with checks payable to Partners In Health with Ready for Reading in the notation to:

Betsy Dickey, Founder/Executive Director
PO Box 388
Dorset, VT 05251,teh 

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