IT Lights Lives

Emmanuel is 23 and lives in Murama Sector in an area where access to internet and computers is very limited. Without computer skills and English proficiency, it is challenging for those in rural Rwanda to compete in the emerging job market, even on a local level.

Recognizing the benefits of Ready for Reading’s English and IT programs, Emmanuel traveled the 6 kilometers from his home in Murama sector to the Community Library/Learning Center in Rwinkwavu on foot or moto taxi 5 days a week. After 6 months of classes, armed with his newly gained skills, the guidance of the RfR Team and his exceptional work ethic he was able to successfully find and apply for a job as a guide at Akagera National Park. Emmanuel’s perseverance is an inspiration to everyone in his community.

I was an isolated person living in darkness with no electricity and internet. Ready for Reading computer classes transformed my daily livelihood and really connected me to the world. It was the gate to my career and bridge to a new life. You can’t work without technology and everything about it is available at RfR. I really feel that I am literate person of 21st century.”