Why Literacy?

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Imagine for a moment you couldn’t read…street signs, type on a computer or send a text message, apply for a job, fill out a form, write a check, read the instructions on your child’s bottle of medication, read them a story. What would your day-to-day life be like? 

          For 757 million of the world’s men, women and children that is their reality.

Ready for Reading was founded on the belief that literacy and education are not only basic human rights, but the foundation of prosperity, and in Rwanda, peace. Our vision is that literacy becomes the expectation not the exception.

  • Adult Literacy

For many illiterate adults, the shame they feel keeps them from getting the help they need. But curiosity overtakes embarrassment as they see positive changes our programs have made in their children’s academics, reading skills and behaviors and changes in their neighbors’ lives, who had the courage to enroll in our literacy classes. They see them getting jobs as community health workers, starting up small businesses, getting ahead as members of women’s co-ops and micro-finance initiatives. All because they can read and write.