ECD-Harmony School

Ready for Reading  established harmony preschool for 3-6 years old children in the undeserved area of Rwinkwavu because this kids deserve an education that prepares them to reach their full potential. Bottom line? tHE  SCHOOL ‘ll change lives. You’ll change our country. And you’ll likely never be the same again. All students deserve great teachers—people who see their potential, help them find their passions, and realize their dreams. As a corps member, you will channel your ideas, energy, and experience to make a real, meaningful impact on your students. In return, you’ll grow in ways you never imagined.

Teaching is just the beginning. Your experience in the corps will prepare you to advocate for change over the course of your life, as an educator or from within another career. Many people point to their two years in the corps as among the most impactful of their lives—a period where they found passion, purpose and fell in love with teaching kids, with what it feels like to make an impact, with a sense of possibility

At Ready for Reading we believe that Children who grow and develop within an optimum environment are more likely to become healthy, confident, productive and happy older children and adults who require substantially less remediation within the schooling or within the social system. In addition, young children who have benefited from a stimulating caring and learning milieu tend to do well when entering the formal system of schooling.11845178_924879814227453_2547099823735189714_o At Ready for Reading in Partnership with TEACHRwanda organization, We opened the well established classes for pre-primary kids to access early childhood education in undersaved area of Rwinkwavu where there were no such school or any Early Childhood Development before.We are creating an environment that provides intellectual (cognitive stimulation), psycho-motor (including health, nutrition, ample opportunity to develop both large and small motor skills related to sensorial and perceptual development) and socio-affective (social and emotional skills and values, attitudes and behaviours) aspects of development. 20160128_100840Students taking their breakfast in the Morning Jan 28th, 2016. Underpinning this world-wide understanding of the needs of young children, are the Charter of Children’s Rights and the corresponding right and responsibilities of the families, communities and State. This approach promotes and protects the rights of the young to survival, growth and development. 10363371_10101775864076206_7230897956158935875_n (1)This was the only pre-primary school in the whole administrative Sector-Kinihira Rwinkwavu May 2014 This academic Year(2016), Harmony School opened Monday! The first day of school is always SO exciting. With the expansion to two classes ; One in the morning and another afternoon, The Exemplary School in Rwinkwavu now can provide high-quality early childhood education to 40 children. A nutritious snack is a key part of their learning experience. Welcome, children and families, to the Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning Center. 11212637_984632634902794_5643222948620480579_o11169707_984632738236117_6367494188644667268_oOur classes during reading session
What Harmony school also provide:
Harmony school trains and supports teachers for preschools through grade 3. We partner with public schools in our district and across the country to provide teachers the skilled that they most needed and share our experience with competence based curriculum which is new in Rwanda.