Dr. Paul Farmer An Extraordinary Human

All of us at Ready for Reading are saddened beyond words by the loss of Dr. Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners In Health. As longtime partners of PIH we have always aspired to live up to the example Paul set turning challenges into assets and honoring and advocating for the right of each individual to live a life of dignity, health and prosperity.

I met Paul in 2007 and that day changed my life but MOST importantly the lives of soo many more in Rwanda. His belief in the power of collaboration allowed fledgling organizations like Ready for Reading get a foothold in Rwanda. We are forever grateful for his encouragement and the support of PIH in those early days giving us the confidence to believe we could pull off our project. We are proud to call ourselves an organization created in PIH’s image and ethos and strive each day to emulate. 

We take some comfort, as a Partners In Health board member pointed out, that he died in Rwanda, a place he loved, doing what he loved, teaching students to become doctors.

Our hearts go out to the Partners In Health family and break for his wife Didi and his 3 children Catherine, Sebastian and Elizabeth.

We are deeply grateful for his generous heart and immense humanity. In a world short on heroes, he is truly one.

With heavy hearts, 

Betsy and the Ready for Reading Team 


A Long Journey from Vancouver to Rwinkwavu

The container at a checkpoint on the Rwandan/Tanzanian Border

After traveling 4 months from Vancouver to Rwanda, a container full of 500 donated bicycles is set to arrive in Rwinkwavu this week.  Ready for Reading has partnered with Rwanda Bookmobile to create the “Reading Riders” Program, whose mission is to foster in children, the love of reading and learning.

Once the bikes are on the ground the roll-out of the “Reading Riders” Program will begin in earnest. Bicycles will be distributed to strategic partners across Rwanda who will serve as regional hubs working with libraries and schools in their catchment areas to expand community outreach. We started a pilot phase in Rwinkwavu in May and the children and their teachers love it.  Our Reading Riders do, too!”

A huge crane will hoist the 20 x 40 container onto the Rwinkwavu Community Library/Learning Center grounds. Along with bikes, equipment is included to set up  a small bike maintenance shop as the shipping container itself is transformed into a building adjacent to the Center. Should be quite exciting for the community to see!! Stay Tuned!!