Starting Small: developing the culture of reading and writing

As in many part of the World, It is the school holidays in Rwanda this November and December 2016. Students in Rwinkwavu and surrounding sectors are taking advantage of the school holiday to spend time at the Rwinkwavu Community Library/Learning Center. In keeping with the theme of Literacy Month 2016 “Beyond School Walls: Promoting Literacy in Homes and Communities” RfR is playing a key role in helping youth benefit from their time off from school.There is a large increase in attendance during holidays, especially secondary students who are eager to practice their computer skills in our lab.youth-in-ict-ready-for-readingSecondary School students running practical typing basic

community-hubWatching their colleague performances

Children and youth are actively engaged in a variety of structured activities ranging from book clubs, story time, e-readers, puzzles, games, music and basketball with plenty of time for independent reading. A bonus is that adult attendance increases during this time as many parents accompany their children to the library and become familiar with the many resources available for themselves. Book making/storytelling workshop: conducted and facilitated by a teacher/literacy specialist from the US. 100 children ages 5-10 participated in the workshop over a 4 day period.

Ready for ReadingWriting and book making workshopstory-telling-time-with-tahira4-copy reading-session-rfrEnjoyable storytelling sessions

The workshop sessions were inspirational and a wonderful opportunity for the children who participated to discover that they can not only tell their own stories BUT write their own books too and through this process build their love of reading. They are keen for more opportunities like this.

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